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What is Artists Against TTIP?

Artists Against TTIP is a growing group of performers, musicians, designers, visual artists, directors and thinkers who have come together to raise awareness of the threats posed by TTIP.


The Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP, pronounced tee-tip) is a comprehensive free trade and investment treaty currently being negotiated – largely in secret – between the European Union and the USA.

The scope of the negotiations is very broad. The stated goal is to reduce "barriers to trade" between the EU and US. In practice TTIP would lead to a huge transfer of power from democratically elected governments to large corporations. The implications for public health, the environment, public service provision, financial regulation, labour standards and social protections are profound. On top of this, research produced for the European Commission estimates that TTIP will lead to the loss of 1 million jobs.

To learn more go to War On Want and Global Justice Now.


Join Artists Against TTIP (AAT) and millions of people across Europe to stop this corporate power-grab.

Join Artists Against TTIP

Artists Against TTIP are collaborating with War on Want and Global Justice Now to help raise awareness of TTIP and to amplify the existing public opposition. Help get the European Commission to listen to the citizens of Europe.


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